Our History


Early Days

Algonquin was founded in 1988 when four business partners saw an opportunity for a new business venture in the Independent Power Producer (IPP) industry.

The newly established company began development of a number of hydroelectric projects in Canada.

History 1988
History 1988


Expansion into the Utility Business

In 2001, we expanded our focus beyond power and into utilities through the purchase of regulated water and wastewater treatment facilities in Arizona.

Soon after, our footprint of regulated water and wastewater utilities expanded to include Texas, Missouri, and Illinois.


Constructed First Wind Generation Facility

In 2004, we expanded our reach into the wind power sector for the first time with the construction of a 100 MW wind farm located in St. Leon, Manitoba, Canada.

History 1988
History 1988


Purchased First Electric Utility

In 2009, we rebranded our water and wastewater utility systems as “Liberty Water” (later called Liberty Utilities), and rebranded our power generation assets “Algonquin Power Co.”

In 2010, we expanded into other regulated utilities with the acquisition of California Pacific Electric Company, our first electric distribution utility, located in Lake Tahoe, California. Soon after, we expanded into natural gas utilities in New Hampshire, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Illinois (2011-2012).


Constructed First Solar Facility

In 2014, we entered the solar power sector with the construction of our first solar facility in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

History 1988
History 1988


Acquired Empire District Electric Company

In January of 2017, Algonquin completed its acquisition of the Empire District Electric Company. This acquisition resulted in significant expansion of our regulated utility and generation footprints in the central United States and the addition of operations in two new states (Kansas and Oklahoma).

In the Spring of 2017, we announced our renewable generation business was rebranded as “Liberty Power”.


Continued Regulated Utility Expansion and Sustainability Focus

In January, through our renewable energy group, we issued C$300 million of senior unsecured debentures representing the company’s inaugural “green” financing.

In the fall, we acquired two new natural gas companies: New Brunswick Gas in Canada and St. Lawrence Gas in New York. Together, these acquisitions expanded the company’s natural gas distribution footprint and added over 28,000 customer connections.

History 1988
History 1988


Leadership Succession, Asbury Coal Plant Retirement and International Expansion

In February, Algonquin announced that Arun Banskota would be taking on the role of CEO following the retirement of Ian Robertson.

In March, we retired the Asbury coal generation facility, reducing CO2e emissions by 905,000 metric tons annually.

In the fall, we completed two international acquisitions: Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO) and ESSAL, a water and wastewater provider in Chile. Together, these acquisitions added 260,000+ customer connections, bringing overall customer connections to over 1 million. We also announced the rebranding of our two service groups to one brand: “Liberty.”


Deepening Commitment to Sustainability with Net Zero Target and Completion of Midwest “Greening the Fleet”

In the first half of 2021, we completed our Midwest “greening the fleet” initiative, consisting of 600 MWs of wind generation in Missouri and Kansas owned by our Empire District Electric utility.

In October, we announced our target of achieving net-zero by 2050 for scope 1 and 2 emissions, a natural extension of our sustainability focus.

History 2021
History 2021


Expanding Water Utility Footprint in East U.S.

In January, Algonquin completed the acquisition of New York Water, which added 125,000 customer connections to our customer base, primarily in Long Island, New York.

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