Who We Are

Our purpose is sustaining energy and water for life.

Plentiful sources of clean water and sustainably produced energy are essential for a healthy and happy life. They are the foundation of strong communities and a sustainable future.

Bringing this clean water and energy to people in a sustainable fashion is a major responsibility. We know that the services we provide directly affect and are essential to our customers’ quality of life and wellbeing. From homes to hospitals, elder-care facilities to elementary schools, our customers depend on our ability to continue to provide safe and reliable energy and water services.

Sustainability is a foundation of our growth strategy and a guiding principle in how we plan, evaluate, and conduct our business. By embedding sustainability in our strategic business decisions and prioritizing customer needs, we know that we can do well by doing good.

Young boy planting tree with adult

Strategic Pillars

Our business strategy is centered on three strategic pillars that define what we deliver:



Algonquin is a growth-focused company. We have grown through organic initiatives, strategic acquisitions and development of world-class renewables.

Operational Excellence


We strive to work to the best of our capabilities. Our vision of operational excellence is focused on safety, security, and reliability.



Leading the transition to a low-carbon economy through the pursuit of global decarbonization partnership opportunities with like-minded corporate citizens.

Guiding Principles

How we strive to conduct ourselves.

Customer Centric

Foster a positive internal and external customer experience at every stage of the customer journey to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Always consider the outcomes our decisions will have on the customer.


Always honest, we do the right thing and adhere to moral and ethical principles for self and team.


Have an optimistic interpretation of adverse events and see problems as potential opportunities; highly resilient, resourceful, and solution-oriented even within highly uncertain, resource constrained environments.

Outcome Focused

Have passion to exceed ambitious goals and safely deliver high quality business results. Strive to delegate for outcomes rather than by task.

Team Work, Trust, Inclusion and Respect

Value diverse teams of people. Encourage and help each other through collaboration. Inspire the exchange of ideas to come up with creative ways of doing things. Extend trust and create a feeling of belonging, listen for understanding to different perspectives by being respectful and professional.

Owner Mindset

Demonstrate ownership, taking smart risks, while remaining aligned to organizational pillars. Encourage individuals to take responsibility to hold themselves and others accountable.

Continuous Learning

Inquisitive and open minded, actively seeks new and varied experiences, and ideas. Is passionate about continual learning for self and team.

Our Businesses

Regulated Services

Through our Regulated Services Group, we provide rate-regulated water, electricity, and gas utility services to over one million customer connections, primarily in North America. This includes:

  • Electricity distribution
  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Natural gas distribution

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Group generates and sells electrical energy produced by its diverse portfolio of renewable power generation facilities primarily located across the United States and Canada. This includes:

  • Hydroelectric
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Thermal
  • Renewable Natural Gas