Our Strategy

Our purpose is sustaining energy and water for life, and it is demonstrated in everything we do as a business, and as a team.

Our mission, to deliver clean energy and water solutions that create better everyday lives and inspire our communities, is what drives us every day to accomplish our purpose.

As we work towards fulfilling our purpose, we strive to be a top-quartile global utility and independent power provider, known for exceptional performance in terms of safety, customer experience, employee engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion, environmental and social responsibility, and financial results.

Shovels on a table at a groundbreaking ceremony

Strategic Pillars

Our business strategy is centered on three strategic pillars:



Algonquin has always been a leader in growth. And, we focus on sustainable, rapid growth through strategic acquisitions and ongoing development of world-class renewables.

Operational Excellence


We believe in doing everything to the best of our capabilities. Our vision of operational excellence is focused on safety, security, and reliability.



Leading the transition to a low-carbon economy through the pursuit of global decarbonization partnership opportunities with like-minded corporate citizens.

A Leader In Sustainability

Sustainability is not just something we do; it’s embedded in who we are.

With more than 30 years of experience developing and operating renewable and clean energy facilities, Algonquin was centered on a sustainable business model long before the green economy became the market focus that it is today.

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