Our vision of sustainability is centered on our three strategic pillars; growth, operational excellence and sustainability leadership.

With more than 30 years of experience developing and operating renewable and clean energy facilities, Algonquin was focused on sustainable power generation long before the green economy became the market focus that it is today.

Sustainability, to us, means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It means leaving the planet in as good or in a better state for our children than the state we found it in – ensuring a healthy world for generations to come.

We have demonstrated our prioritization of sustainability through the rollout of important ESG initiatives, such as our enterprise-wide goal to achieve net-zero by 2050.

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2023 ESG Goals

Our Sustainability Plan is built on an ambitious set of goals to be achieved by 2023. As our deadline approaches, we are re-examining our performance measures and working to refresh our goals to take on a longer-term perspective.


Target of 75% renewable generation

Reduce GHG emissions by one million metric tons from 2017 levels - ACHIEVED

Add 2,000 MW of renewables between 2019 and 2023


Exceed 30% women in leadership roles

Achieve top-quartile customer service

Achieve top-quartile employee engagement


Embedding Sustainability into our compensation model - ACHIEVED

Build a robust compliance framework

Publish a TCFD aligned disclosure - ACHIEVED

Sustainability Report

We're leading the transition to a low-carbon energy future.

View our full list of ESG reports and related documents.

How We Create Value


We build for the future.
We ensure ongoing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy and water services for all.


We act for our environment.
We take tangible action to reduce the environmental impacts of our daily operations and the delivery of our services.


Inspire our communities.
We work in the best interests of our communities – our customers, our people and our shareholders – to help them grow and prosper in a sustainable and responsible way.

Awards & Recognition

  • Recognized in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index – 2020, 2021, 2022

  • Inclusion in S&P TSX Composite ESG Index

  • Carbon Disclosure Project Legacy Responder

  • MSCI Rating increased to AA in 2019

  • AWEA 2020 Safety and Health Recognition Award – 2020